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Coinsclone - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

Depends on blockchain business industry research, most of the businessman utilize the ready to use software to consume their time while starting cryptocurrency exchange business.

When using feature packed software that controls to minimize employee resources, remain aggressive, decrease your managing burden, and become more efficient and productive.

Accordingly, there are numerous software service providers developed the business package which is ready to use cryptocurrency exchange software with robust experience.If you are going to select the ready to use cryptocurrency exchange software means, check the main features.

  • Exchange Systems:

In this system, there are 3 types, User - to - User( order based, ads based ) and user to admin.

  • Trade Engine :

 All traders data, trading history, trade transactions, order lists and order bookings should be stored and shown to the user in convenient charts on any device.

  • Pricing Chart:

The chart that reflects digital currencies volatility price indexes.It can be used to differentiate the several trading pairs before making transactions.

  • Security Factors :

SSL security, DDOS protection, CSA ( cross-scripting attack ), File injection Protection, Google authenticator, KYC/ AML implementation,2FA,

  • Liquidity System :

 Trading volume showcasing on exchange platform is mandatory to get user's trust. 

  • Custom Order Type Listing :

 Market Order, Limit Order, Stop order and Conditional order etc.

  • Cryptocurrency Leverage Module Integration
  • Affiliate Programme Integration 

Does it make sense to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange platform?

If yes... Don't Worry

Visit, who is the best cryptocurrency exchange development company offers the ready to use cryptocurrency exchange software with above salient features.


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